Nathaniel Whitlock Sr.

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Nathaniel E. Whitlock, Sr. was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, graduating from Garfield High School in June 1982. He immediately enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving his country honorably for six years. After relocating back to Seattle in November 1988, he successfully completed the Cosmetology Program at Seattle Central Community College in 1989 and to present, has been a successful, licensed business owner in the hair industry.

Bro. Nathaniel Whitlock’s journey to Christ began after relocating to the Seattle area shortly after meeting his wife Tina Ratliff-Whitlock who introduced him to the church of Christ. He surrendered his life to the Lord in baptism on May 25, 1990, at the Southside Church of Christ in Seattle, Washington, and his spiritual journey in Christ has been a continuous process of spiritual growth, maturity, and service to Christ and the members of the Southside congregation.

Over the last 33 years Bro. Whitlock has joyfully served in many different ministerial roles in and around the church including the Men’s Ministry, Preaching, Bible Class Teacher, Trustee Board, Treasurer, Construction Finance and Project Manager, and Facility Maintenance. Bro. Whitlock was ordained as a Minister on December 17, 2017, and served the Southside congregation as Associate Minister for 5 and a half years. As a home grown product of the Church of Christ Southside Congregation, Bro. Whitlock was spiritually mentored by many godly men such as Bro. William Harper, Bro. Herman Snoddy, Bro. Kenneth McCoy, Bro. Olabamiji Idowu, the late Bro. Stephen Elleby and Bro. E.H. Baker, Bro. Samuel Garner and Bro. Kenney Johnson.


Bro. Whitlock is a continuous active student of the Word of God. He has studied at the Seattle Bible Institute (SBI) a satellite bible school of Sunset International Bible Institute, of which he is an SBI instructor. Certificated in marriage counseling with PREPARE and ENRICH, and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts), and attends spiritual development conferences yearly such as, the Brotherhood of Men’s Conference, National Lectureships, West Coast Preachers and Leaders Forum and Faith Builders.

Nathaniel firmly believes that serving others through effective ministry is part of God’s divine design, of which he strives to follow the example of humble, faithful, and servant leadership of Christ Jesus.

Nathaniel and Tina were married in 1991 and together they have two children, Nathaniel Jr. (Daughter in-law Nicole) and Johawna, and two grandchildren, Jordan, and Nathaniel III.

Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees is the body of elected members of the church who jointly oversee the activities of the church. Where the Church has no Elders: The Minister and the Board of Trustees shall in harmony of heart and mind serve the needs of the congregation in spiritual matters until such time that an Eldership can be appointed according to the scriptures.

2024 Board Members:

Lawrence Lucas

Jerry Nelson

Warren Nickolson

Ken Roy

Terry Williams

Retired Minister

Thomas Martin Jr.

Bro. Thomas Martin obeyed the Lord in baptism at the age of nine.  He is blessed to have a mother, Odessa Martin, who encourages him in church growth and who isn’t afraid to give sound advice.  At age eleven Bro. and Sis. John Jeffrey became his mentors.   The Jeffery’s are indeed the second set of parents to him.  While growing up as a member of Uptown Church of Christ in San Francisco, God provided Bro. Martin with many learning experiences and a loving church family who encouraged him to grow in the Lord’s work.

Bro. Martin graduated from Southwestern Christian College.  He transferred to Columbia Christian College in Portland, Oregon.  It is there that he met his wife, the former Sharon Mosley.   Bro. Martin says that Sis. Martin has stood faithfully by his side for more than 40 years. 

After graduating from Columbia Christian College, Bro. Martin choose a career in the United States Army.  The Lord put him to work wherever he was stationed.  Some of the places he has served the Lord are Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Korea, Hawaii, the Persian Gulf, and Washington.  While in the Military he has worked with local congregations serving as a Bible School Teacher, a Youth Minister, a Deacon, an Elder, an Associate Minister, and just a Brother in Christ who strives to be there for others.

Bro. and Sis. Martin are blessed with four adult children, Tasha (Locust) Lister of Baltimore, MD. She is married to Rodney Lister who serves as an Assistant Minister at the Annapolis Church of Christ in MD. Isaiah Martin of Spanaway, WA, Shalonda Martin, of Los Angles, CA, and Carenda (Martin) Woolridge who is married to Fred Woolridge.  Fred and Carenda Woolridge reside in Oklahoma City, OK with their son Marquell and daughter Sahaya. Fred serves the Estes Park Church of Christ as a Deacon.

Bro. and Sis. Martin are proud to serve the Lord with the Madison Park Church of Christ.  They request your prayers and support for the Lord’s work here and throughout the Northwest as they embark on this new chapter of their lives as retirees still working in the Lord's church while they travel and enjoy family.